Overcoming NGS analysis bottlenecks with a systematic, scalable system

Amit Sinha 1,
1Basepair, United States; 

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Next generation DNA sequencing (NGS) has led to a paradigm shift in biomedical research. The ability to study the genome, transcriptome, epigenome, etc. has present many opportunities to accelerate innovation in life sciences. While the cost and accessi- bility of NGS technology have improved exponentially, the biggest bottleneck is now data analysis and interpretation. NGS generates several gigabytes of raw data for each sample, leading to huge cost for setting up storage and computation infrastructure. The analysis is complex, and requires installing and running several different software. Finally, communicating the research to physi- cians and scientists is cumbersome. Basepair has been developed as a response to these challenges. We designed our system from scratch, to solve each of these problems in the best possible way.

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