qbasePLUS to speed up the analysis of your qPCR data and to improve the accuracy of your experiments

Barbara D’haene
Biogazelle, Belgium

Are you struggling to get your qPCR data-analysis right? Do you want to speed up your analysis?
Join Barbara D’haene, PhD, for a lunch talk and get access to qbasePLUS.
During this session Barbara will show how to analyse a qPCR experiment using qbasePLUS. The key points demonstrated will be quality control, normalization and easy biostatistical analysis.
qbasePLUS is based on the proven geNorm and qBase technology. The software is developed at Biogazelle by recognized qPCR experts Jo Vandesompele and Jan Hellemans. Biogazelle is a young and dynamic PCR company, eager to accelerate the discoveries in the PCR community.

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