25 years of PCR – from idea to subcellular expression profiling

Mikael Kubista

PCR was born from a great idea conceived by Kary Mullis and later refined into qPCR by Russ Higushi. Specificity was added by Ken Livak. The technique found immediate use in genetic engineering leading to several breakthrough innovations, and later PCR became the preferred platform for clinical diagnostics. The quantitative aspect of qPCR became particularly valuable in biological and medical research, and is today key technology in systems biology. Moreover, the extreme sensitivity of qPCR, allowing the detection of single molecular copies, and the relative ease of use, which allows qPCR to be integrated in a streamlined high throughput workflow, has led to the exciting area of single cell expression profiling. An astonishing heterogeneity in transcript levels among seemingly like cells has been found, while correlation between genes’ expression is a fingerprint of the type of cell. Most recently, qPCR tomography has been developed to measure intracellular mRNA profiles, revealing gradients of transcripts within the cell, preparing it for asymmetric cell division.
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