An Optimized miRNA Profiling System for Limiting Samples

Jonathan Michael Shaffer
QIAGEN, United States of America


microRNAs (miRNAs) are naturally occurring, small noncoding RNAs that mediate post-transcriptional gene regulation in many biological processes including differentiation and development, cell signaling, and response to infection. Overwhelming evidence also indicates that dysregulation of miRNA expression is a cause or indicator of several disease processes, including many cancers, and that their expression varies as a result of disease. As a result, miRNA expression signatures are being pursued as biomarkers in disease diagnosis and prevention. Biomarker development, however, relies heavily on samples that may contain limited amounts of RNA including FFPE, serum, plasma, and other body fluid samples. In addition, straightforward workflows or tailored solutions (based on tissue or sample type) aren’t readily available to aid in streamlined miRNA biomarker development. Success of miRNA biomarker development relies on overcoming these hurdles, and this is accomplished using QIAGEN’s complete wet-bench solutions and recommended workflows. Specifically, the miRNeasy kits enable isolation of high-quality total RNA from virtually all samples types. Following isolation, the miScript PCR System, consisting of the miScript II RT Kit, miScript PreAMP PCR Kit, miScript miRNA PCR Arrays, and data analysis software, enables accurate, comprehensive miRNome expression profiling by removing the limiting sample barrier. Regardless of sample type or RNA amount, miRNA biomarker development is within reach as a result of the high performance cataloged and customizable research tools and solutions available from QIAGEN.

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