BD Genomics: An integrated workflow for single cell analysis that helps to uncover tumor heterogeneity

Wieland Keilholz 1,
1BD, Germany; 

Following the paradigm of easy-to-use tools for genomics anal- yses, BD Genomics offers a suite of products that focus on single cell applications.
The Tumor Dissociation reagent makes solid tumors from a vari- ety of tissues accessible to FACS technology.
The FACSMelodyTM is a benchtop cell sorter that enables inexpe- rienced FACS users to successfully run a sorting experiment through automation of complex tasks.
BD PreciseTM Assays are designed for transcriptome analysis on the single cell level using an efficient workflow that seamlessly integrates with sorted cells. The assays ensure highest precision in gene expression analysis by using molecular indexes to remove PCR bias introduced during library preparation.
The assay is combined with access to efficient and widely auto- mated tools for the analysis of genomics data.
A case study will be presented on the integrated workflow of tumor dissociation, FACS sorting and transcriptome analysis. New insights into tumor biology at a currently unprecedented resolution are revealed through this powerful approach.

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