Customized Solution Hybridization Enrichment Panels: From A Single Gene To An Entire Exome- Design, Usage, And How To Increase Your Odds For A Successful Outcome

Scott Rose
Integrated DNA Technologies, United States of America

While Next Generation Sequencing technology has matured to the point that entire genomes can be sequenced at an improved cost and shorter time period, there is still a very strong demand for the ability to carry out focused sequencing runs with multiple samples completed in a narrow time window. One way to accomplish this is to use custom or pre-developed and validated solution hybridization enrichment panels to selectively target only regions of interest. This way, valuable NGS machine reads are devoted to generating the depth of coverage needed, and increasing the number of samples that can be simultaneously run. This talk will cover the technical issues facing a researcher in using any hybridization based enrichment panel (custom or pre-designed), from initial design, key determinants in setting up a rapid 4 hour hybridization reaction, and how to simultaneously enrich and capture multiple libraries. Based on recent improvements in the field of hybridization enrichment, data will also be shown on what is currently achievable. In addition, practical solutions for improving or altering existing panels without having to reorder a whole new panel will be described.

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