Digital Analysis- a bridge to the Clinic

Jim White
NanoString Technologies, United Kingdom

The nCounter System utilizes molecular barcodes and direct single molecule imaging to detect and count hundreds of unique biomarkers in a single reaction. The nCounter assay directly targets nucleic acid molecules through hybridization, eliminating the need to purify sample, let alone make cDNA or amplify the signal. The truly digital nature of quantification provides an accuracy and reproducibility unmatched with other systems. The nCounter system can work with a large variety of samples, from RNA purified from fresh biopsies to crude extracts made from FFPE material. With a portfolio of off-the-shelf and custom-designed applications in mRNA, miRNA and copy number analysis, the nCounter system is well suited to a variety of biological problems. In our presentation we will show how the CodeSet technology, can construct subtle sample enquires that can with simple iteration unlock the complexity in the interface between genome and transcriptome. The simple utility of the System will help provide an ideal format to empower molecular medicine by providing a bridge to take nucleic acid biomarkers from research to the Clinic.

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