Existing Methods and New Developmentsf or RT-PCR Analysis in R

Sebastian Kaiser1, Swanhild U Meyer2, Michael W Pfaffl2
1 LMU München, Germany; 2 TUM München, Germany


Over the last years the software R made a strong impact on the research in all application fields dealing with statistical analysis.In bioscience the bioconductor packages include a wide range of tools for state of the art analysis of microarray data.All steps from data import, normalization, standardization, quality assessment, pattern recognition, assessment of significance of the findings, visualization, data output and much more are covered.This talk shows how most of this methods can be adopted for RT-qPCR analysis and additional methods for all areas of the workflow can be implemented.As an application example data from a multiplex RT-qPCR platform (TLDA) will be analysed. Additionally the adaption of two of the latest normalization techniques GPA and Mloess is demonstrated.

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