From Next Generation Sequencing to Next Generation Biomarkers: How Adaptive Focused Acoustics® is Transforming High-throughput Biology and Multi-omics Analyses

Nicolas Autret
Covaris, United Kingdom

“Standardization of sample preparation” is our core mission with a focus on clinical and pharmaceutical samples. As pre-analytical processes are increasingly recognized as the limiting factors for sensitivity and specificity of biomarker detection, this is especially relevant for highly advanced analytical methods such as Next Generation Sequencing or Mass Spectrometry. The AFA® (Adaptive Focused Acoustics®) process is isothermal and non-contact, providing precise process control, which is beneficial to a number of scientific disciplines in both advanced biological and chemical applications. Its high level of experimental condition control enables processes to be developed or improved upon very quickly, easily, and reproducibly. Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators may be programmed for intensity, duration, and duty factor, supporting a wide variety of applications, from gentle mixing to extreme compound reformatting and dissolution. This talk will present some of the major applications driven by AFA (e.g. DNA and chromatin shearing, cfDNA isolation, nucleic acid and protein extraction from FFPE). Many of these were launched recently, including a series of kits in the truChIP/truXTRAC product line. We will also discuss insights into current developments in automation and robotization, introducing the first focused-ultrasonicator integrated on a liquid handler deck with precise energy, control, and a proprietary scanning process. This instrument provides increased workflow efficiency, full automation, and high-throughput sample prep workflows.

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