Highly Multiplexed Detection of GMOs in Food Samples by Crystal Digital PCR

Caroline Charky, Katharina Lührig
Katharina Lührig1, Caroline Charky2, Maximilian Neugebauer1, Heike Ziebarth1, Kornelia Berghof-Jäger1
1) BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH, Germany;
2) Stilla Technologies, France;

Stilla Technologies will present the latest technical updates of the NAICA system along with the outcome of a cooperation between Stilla Technologies and BIOTECON Diagnostics to deliver a complete solution for the detection of soy GMOs in food samples.
As the number of authorized GMOs in the European market is increasing, faster and cost-efficient detection methods are needed. We present digital PCR as a suitable alternative to real-time PCR which allows multiplexed GMO quantification without the need for a standard curve. A new digital PCR assay developed by BIOTECON Diagnostics on the NAICA system allows the quantification of all 14 soybean GMO events currently authorized in the EU in just a single reaction. This assay reliably and precisely quantifies GMO contents at the regulatory thresholds of 0.9% and 0.1%. A summary quantification of all authorized soy events present in a sample is provided making quantification with single assays dispensable. We will highlight the particular advantages of the Crystal Digital PCR platform for R&D and routine analytics.

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