MicroRNA Target Validation with MISSION® 3’UTR Lenti GoClone™ and Human MicroRNA Mimics

Nikos Hontzeas
Sigma Aldrich, United States of America

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) may regulate several hundreds of genes to control a cell’s response to developmental and environmental signals. The validation of potential target genes is essential in determining a miRNA’s role and function in these pathways. Here we use MISSION® 3′UTR Lenti GoClone™ and Human MicroRNA Mimics to demonstrate validation of known and conserved miRNA targets. Known targets of hsa-miR-29b (MCL1), hsa-miR-124 (MAPK14), and hsa-miR-373 (LATS2), and targets of conserved miRNAs hsa-miR-373 (RBL2) and hsa-miR-10a, (HOXD10), were down-regulated by their respective mimic. These result demonstrate that the use of MISSION® 3′UTR Lenti GoClone™ with Human MicroRNA Mimics is a viable option for miRNA target validation.

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