Performance Of A Next Generation Fixed Microwell Platform For Digital PCR

David N. Keys
Life Technologies, United States of America

Digital PCR enables specific nucleic acid sequences to be quantified with high accurately, precision, and sensitivity. A large number of novel applications are enabled by this new approach, including reference free absolute quantification and high sensitivity rare-allele quantification. With the advent of novel nanofluidic PCR technologies, running the thousands of reactions required for digital PCR has become feasible. To this end, Life Technologies has developed the QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System, a new silicon chip-based digital PCR platform that can be rapidly loaded with little to no dead volume. At the heart of the nanofluidic system is a chip that enables samples to be partitioned into 20,000 fixed volume reactions. The system utilizes a three step workflow optimized for simplicity, minimal hands-on time, minimal opportunity for cross contamination, and minimal sample loss. We will present results on digital PCR performance which can be achieved with this system, with emphasis on absolute quantification and rare-allele quantification in cancer derived cell lines and tumor samples.

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