Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of RNA by SOLiD Next Generation Sequencing

Thomas Rygus
Life Technologies GmbH, Germany

The last years have seen Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as an upcoming new method replacing many of the established array based methods, especially in RNA analysis. Users of RNA sequencing published in a variety of scientific fields beginning with quantitative gene expression analysis up to structural analysis of RNA and allele specific expression; also combinations of several NGS techniques like small RNA sequencing and ChIP Seq have been shown. Meanwhile an established method, quantitative RNA analysis by SOLiD now allows the use of internal RNA controls making sure that a reliable standardization is possible.
The biggest challenges with resequencing methods have been automating the complete process and improving the turnaround time for smaller amounts of samples without losing cost efficiency.
In this presentation we will show an overview about the newest technical developments of the SOLiD system and workflow together with an overview about the possible applications in RNA analysis.

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