Sample to Insight – analysis, visualization and interpretation of next generation sequencing and gene expression data

Anne Arens
QIAGEN GmbH, Germany

QIAGEN provides complete sample to insight solutions for your next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow including bioinformatics analysis. High-quality, target-enriched samples and streamlined library preparation procedures can be combined with easy-to-use, graphical user-interface-guided data analysis tools. Our solutions deliver focused and accurate results and allow you to overcome the bottlenecks in your NGS data analysis and interpretation by using our manually curated knowledgebase.
Accepting data from any major sequencing platform, CLC Genomics Workbench and CLC Cancer Research Workbench align sequencing reads to the reference genome, and call germline or somatic variants for targeted, whole exome, transcriptome and genome sequencing. Due to seamless integration of our software solutions, variants can be uploaded directly from CLC Cancer Research Workbench to Ingenuity Variant Analysis for fast and accurate filtering, annotation, and interpretation. Ingenuity Variant Analysis combines analytical tools and integrated content to help you rapidly identify and prioritize variants by drilling down to a small, targeted subset of compelling variants based both upon published biological evidence and your own knowledge of disease biology.
For gene expression analysis, CLC Genomics Workbench and CLC Cancer Research Workbench provide tools for RNA-Seq as well as expression chip support. Streamlined integration with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis allows for direct upload, analysis, and interpretation of your expression data. Ingenuity Pathway Analysis provides a rapid assessment of the signaling and metabolic pathways, biological processes, and upstream regulators that are most significantly perturbed in a dataset of interest. Ingenuity Pathway Analysis can also be used for expression data generated with other experimental platforms, including qPCR or microRNA.
Ingenuity Variant Analysis and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis leverage our unique repository of known human genes (as well as mouse and rat genes), proteins, phenotypes, variants, pathways, pathway regulators, drugs, and other compounds as well as their interactions. The Ingenuity knowledgebase is mostly composed of several millions of up-to-date experimental findings extracted from peer-reviewed journals that have been curated by MD/PhD level scientists, and third party information from public high quality databases. Recently our variant related records have been augmented by the variants reported in BIOBASE’s HGMD professional database.
We will illustrate the capability of our software solutions by introducing use cases related to DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq.

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