The WaferGen’s SmartChip System: “Cycling in the world of high- throughput qPCR and target enrichment“

Stefaan Derveaux
WaferGen Biosystems Europe S.à r.l., Luxembourg

The SmartChip Real-Time PCR System is a next-generation quantitative PCR platform that combines the high throughput nature of microarrays with the sensitivity, precision and dynamic range of quantitative real-time PCR, and a high level of flexibility. Whether in discovery or validation environments, assay/sample formats can be easily determined for maximum efficiency and cost savings. At the hearth of the system is the SmartChip with 72×72 nanoscale-wells, each with an effective reaction-volume of 100 nL. This configuration allows completion of 5184 quantitative real-time PCR reactions in just 2 hours. Using the pre-spotted panels, 1 sample can be analyzed for thousands of targets at once, but the MyDesign approach also allows to add assays and samples to a chip -all in the convenience of your own lab- and to analyse just a few targets in several hundreds of samples in one qPCR run. In this talk we present multiple gene expression and genotyping studies to demonstrate the flexibility of the platform. One of the main challenges in conducting accurate and efficient targeted re-sequencing using next-gen methods is the target enrichment step. WaferGen recently established a PCR-based target-amplification workflow for next generation sequencing using the same high-density SmartChip technology, allowing one to enrich hundreds to thousands of target regions by amplifying each target in an individual PCR reaction thereby avoiding multiplexing interference. We will show preliminary results of the first studies that were performed in collaboration with our early-access users, demonstrating the overall quality and coverage uniformity that was obtained. We also highlight new products that were developed to this end.

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