Zip Nucleic Acid hydrolysis and hybridisation probes for improving detection

Nathalie Lenne, Clément Paris, Valérie Moreau, Gaëlle Deglane, Patrick Erbacher
Polyplus-transfection, France

Zip Nucleic Acids (ZNAs) are oligonucleotides with attached cationic units that reduce electrostatic repulsion between nucleic acid strands. The modification improves hybridisation by accelerating the target recognition and increases the melting temperature of the oligonucleotide without altering the specificity. The presentation will describe the performance of ZNA dual-labelled qPCR probes, which are alternately hydrolysis or hybridisation probes depending on the localisation of the cationic units. ZNA hybridisation probes enable SNP genotyping by probe melting analysis.

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