A new paradigm in genetic data analysis on the thermo fisher cloud

Nivedita Majumdar *,Puneet Suri, Gloria Lam, David Woo, Shakila Pothini

Thermofisher Scientific, USA; 

In this day and age, computation, storage and collation of information, collation of analysis results from the large variety of experiments, are becoming vital to any biologically relevant discov- ery. This translates to millions of records in databases, requiring sophisticated algorithmic processing, cross-application analysis, interactive visualizations and infrastructure for collaboration. The Thermo Fisher Cloud platform offers such a solution with more than ten qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) and CE (capil- lary electrophoresis) apps for gene expression, genotyping, melt analysis and Sanger sequencing. We are building an ecosystem to eventually connect across all types of genetic analysis including NGS (next generation sequencing) and MS (mass spectrometry) on a single platform, with a data or scientific question centric organi- zation of your information.
This talk will demonstrate the capabilities of our current plat- form with a case study doing gene expression and genotyping analysis. We will demonstrate the tools we provide for reviewing and making sense of large volumes of data, with emphasis on ampli- fication curves. We will present tools such as the outlier wheel that come together to enable the user to identify outliers, to identify trends and patterns in their data, in order to make scientifically relevant and reliable conclusions.

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