Automated cell picking and single cell digital PCR focusing on mitochondrial transfer

David Svec 1,2,
1Institute of Biotechnology AS CR, Prague
2 TATAA Biocenter, Czech Republic; 

Mitochondria are unique organelles comprising their own genetic information in the form of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Cell type mtDNA heteroplasmy was reported before as a common event observed not only in patients with mitochondrial diseases but also in healthy individuals. In parallel reports show that mitochon- dria move between mammalian cells. We performed single cell expression profiling focusing on horizontal mitochondrial transfer. Using automated cell picking and single cell digital PCR, we showed that generation of tumors in syngeneic mice by cells devoid of mito- chondrial (mt) DNA ( 0 cells) is linked to acquisition of the host mtDNA, leading to the normalization of mitochondrial respiration.

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