Detection and characterization of single circulating tumor cells as chance to monitor and individualize chemotherapy

Stephanie Carl, Torsten Kroll, Katharina Pachmann
Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany


Individualization of chemotherapy for a cancer patient needs a lot of parameter testing in the beginning as well as during therapy. One of those parameters especially for the evaluation of metastasis is the determination of the amount of disseminated tumor cells in the blood circulation. Previously we developed a straightforward method for the detection, counting and imaging of circulating tumor cells from epithelial tumors. In the last years we could show the prognostic relevance of the change in the amount of CETCs due to the scheme of the chemotherapy for various tumor entities. With this established approach we have a tool for individual therapy monitoring. Our next goal is to gauge chemotherapy in accordance with the molecular characteristics and gene expression profiles of individual CTC`s. Therefore we implemented a straight forward single cell isolation protocol using the MMI CellEctor single cell sorting device. The presented work flow will allow us to investigate potential therapy targets depending on the genetic characteristics and expression status using single cell PCR.

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