Detection of Related AKT Family Members using Solaris qPCR Gene Expression Assays

Ian Kavanagh1, Zaklina Strezoska2, Melissa Kelley2
1 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Epsom, Surrey, UK; 2 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lafayette, CO, USA

qPCR is now performed in every segment of life science research and utilizing high performance assays is essential for generating high confidence data. Solaris™ qPCR Gene Expression Assays are ideal for routine molecular applications because they combine minor groove binder (MGB) and Superbase technologies with a rigorous design algorithm for detection of all known splice variants of a gene target, while distinguishing among closely related family members. Here we describe an application of this new probe-based detection technology, in a study of the highly related AKT gene family members in regulating the activation and redistribution of the Forkhead/FOXO1 transcription factor.

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