Digital publication: how making the MIQE guidelines easier to follow

Afif M. Abdel Nour1, Michael W. Pfaffl2
1Bio-Rad, United Arab Emirates; 
2TUM Physiology, Freising, Germany

Aim of the MIQE & qPCR iBook — “How to apply the MIQE Guidelines – a visual, interactive and practical qPCR guide!”
The MIQE guideline is becoming more and more popular among researchers due to its strong scientific basis and focus on biological relevance, its adaptability to different research settings and technologies. In order to improve its use, a useful software application (app) for smartphones and tablets has been developed (Abdel Nour et al. 2013). The app has been downloaded thousands of times since their launch in 2011. Today, in addition to these tools, we offer a new digital support — the MIQE & qPCR iBook.
This new interactive publication aims at helping the research community to understand and use the MIQE goal. The MIQE & qPCR iBook is a fancy visual interactive tool, interfacing scientific publications, with educating pictures, videos and scientific talks. Authors from the academic field as well from industrial research present their qPCR and dPCR applications in the MIQE context and describe it on the basis of educational questionnaires or interactive ‘how to do’ instruction sheets.
This MIQE & qPCR iBook deliver the MIQE guidelines directly to the researcher and help to solve the problems in quantitative PCR, RT-qPCR, digital PCR, single-cell qPCR, and microRNA applications (… and in more fields of application).
Chapter after chapter, each point of the MIQE guideline and its developments are addressed from both theoretical and practical points of view. We hope you like our explanatory, interactive and educational iBook concept, showing the advantages of the MIQE guidelines in an easy and understandable way, and to guarantee the successful qPCR or dPCR application at the bench.

Download the free MIQE & qPCR iBook (4th edition published June 2020)
Download the free MIQE & qPCR iBook interactive PDF (4th edition published June 2020)
Please let us know, if you want to participate with an own application or chapter in the MIQE & qPCR iBook – contact us via
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