Exosomes – A novel approach to biomarker identification

Constanze Kindler1, Jonathan Shaffer2
1QIAGEN GmbH, Germany; 
2QIAGEN Sciences

The promise of circulating biomarkers is to enable minimally-invasive monitoring of specific molecules that yield predictive or prognostic information. Liquid biopsies enable us to monitor the evolution of genetic aberrations in primary tumors as they shed exosomes into the circulation. The major limitation of this strategy is the ability to isolate these exosomes in a standardized manner. QIAGEN has developed solutions to help isolate and enrich exosomes and other extracellular vesicles, to allow the detection of low-abundance RNAs that are in circulation, or to profile miRNAs that establish a specific expression signature. The seminar will describe solutions from sample preparation to molecule detection for screening, profiling, and monitoring putative biomarkers. The application examples will highlight new tools for exosomes, and circulating miRNA.

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