HP’s advanced microfluidic technology

Alexander N. Govyadinov 1,
1HP Incorporated, United States

Recently, there is a lot of interest in microfluidic lab- on-a chip application for life science, forensic, point-of-care, molecular-diagnostic, other in-vitro-diagnostic, organs-on-a-chip, environmental and multiple others applications. Different scien- tific and commercial organizations explore a multitude of material sets and operational principles to forge microfluidic devices. Simul- taneously, inkjet industry utilizes well established materials and principles of operation for complicated microfluidic systems devel- oped for precision dispensing and manipulation of droplets with pico-liter accuracy on a massively parallel scale. The presen- tation describes our recent progress of low cost microfluidic platform development utilizing materials and processes developed for low-cost thermal inkjet business. The concept repurposes well established inkjet processes, microfluidic components and jetting elements for pumping, mixing, valving, fluid transport, sensing and other critical functions of complex integrated microfluidic systems. This presentation describes operating principles of microfluidic elements, examples of their integration in functional devices and discusses inkjet technology potential for broad range of microflu- idic applications.

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