MIQE: compliance and amendments

Stephen Andrew Bustin1, Jo Vandesompele2
1Barts and the London School of Medicine, QMUL, United Kingdom; 2Center for Medical Genetics Ghent (CMGG) Ghent University Hospital

The publication of the minimum information for the publication of real-time quantitative PCR experiments (MIQE) guidelines has become a defining event in the maturing of qPCR technology. The response from instrument and reagent manufacturers has been universally positive; there has been extensive publicity in print, online and at scientific meetings and many scientific journals are beginning to take note. We report the results of the first extensive survey carried out to determine transparency and quality of recent qPCR publications. It has also become apparent that an important obstacle to the universal acceptance of the MIQE guidelines has been the stipulation for primer sequence disclosure. Many commercial qPCR assays do not provide this information; usually there are also no details provided on empirical validation of each individual assay. The increasing use of commercial qPCR assays is creating problems, as it results in publications that cannot satisfy current MIQE requirements. Consequently, we propose an amendment of the original guidelines to help users of commercial assays publish transparent protocols that fulfil the MIQE criteria.

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