Quality control in Quantitative PCR

Kristina Lind, Jennifer Pettersson, Robert Sjöback, Mikael Kubista
TATAA Biocenter, Sweden

When working with qPCR it is very important to have control over all the different steps that are included in the process. It reaches from the experimental design all the way to the data analysis. Leaving out a part of the process from your quality control may result in erronous conclusions and and decisions. To help researchers and reviewers to have a better overview of the different parts that needs to be taken into consideration, the MIQE guidelines have been published. One important part is the qPCR assay itself. In this talk I will describe the process of validating new qPCR assays, how to determine efficiency, linear dynamic range, limit of detecion (LOD), limit of quantification (LOQ) and precision.

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