Revolutionizing our view of the genome and transcriptome through innovative sequencing workflows

Dave Ruff, Marc Unger, Jay West, Richard Fekete, Robert Jones
Fluidigm Corporation, South San Francisco, CA USA

Single-cell science is opening vast new frontiers for biological discovery. Recent advances in integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) have enabled the development of specialized technologies for integrating cell and molecular analysis at the single-cell level: the Fluidigm® C1™ system. C1 readily integrates single-cell isolation and generation of material for qPCR, miRNA, protein, and next-generation sequencing analysis of gDNA and mRNA. We now introduce two new additions to our suite of single cell technologies: the high-throughput RNA sequencing IFC and the Polaris™ system. This second-generation C1 IFC, with 800 cell-capture sites, provides higher-throughput RNA sequencing to facilitate cell characterization, cell state interrogation, and systems biology studies. Barcoding of individual cells on the IFC permits simple and efficient cell-to-sequence workflows. The Polaris system uniquely enables active cell capture and manipulation. Researchers will be able to select individual cells from a population based on multiple fluorescence markers, precisely control the environment to which the individual cells are subjected, and profile each cell for the mRNA response to these environmental perturbations and/or dosing regimens. This active and prescribed manipulation of individual cells will enable profound insights into previously unknown biological signaling and response pathways and mechanisms. Taken together, C1, the High-throughput RNA sequencing IFC, and Polaris present the scientific community with disruptive suite of tools that will revolutionize biology.

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