Routine next-generation-sequencing of brain tumors

Felix Sahm 1,
1University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany 

With the numbers of prognostic and predictive genetic markers in neuro-oncology steadily growing, the need for comprehen- sive molecular analysis of neuropathology samples has vastly increased. We developed an enrichment/hybrid capture-based next-generation sequencing (NGS) gene panel comprising the entire coding and selected intronic and promoter regions of 130 genes recurrently altered in brain tumors, allowing for the detec- tion of single nucleotide variations, fusions, and copy number variations. Information derived from NGS data identified poten- tial targets for experimental therapy in about 75% of diagnostic samples. Such an approach will likely become highly valuable in the near future for treatment decision making, as more therapeutic targets emerge and genetic information enters the classification of brain tumors.

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