“Stay in touch while on the bench” MIQE qPCR

Afif Abdel Nour1, Michael W. Pfaffl2
1LaSalle Beauvais, France; 2Physiology Weihenstephan, TUM, Germany

Who does not know iPhone and iPad devices? More and more people have an Apple mobile device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. From now on, those mobile devices can be used to increase quality of qPCR experimant or publication, by providing a ‘MIQE APP’. This new application could be used by scientists to check whether their experiment or the used literature fulfills the MIQE requirement or not. The ‘MIQE Guidelines’ checklist provides 85 parameters that qPCR studies should be required or recommended to meet before being considered for publication.
This checklist is based on the original published MIQE checklist and we hope it will increase future publication quality and reliability. But there are much more wider seen goals of the ‘MIQE guidelines’, all in all the goals might be summarized; to increase reliability of results to help to insure the integrity of scientific work, with major focus on biological relevance. The MIQE applet will provide an interactive and portable follow up of these parameters for any qPCR research application. The applet will be free for download and upon installed connected to our MIQE databank, collecting all the information. The ‘MIQE guidelines’ (Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments) were published by a group of qPCR experts in 2009 (Bustin et al, Clinical Chemistry 2009).
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