ULTRA-RAPID REAL-TIME PCR for the detection of viral diseases in honeybee

ByoungSu Yoon, MiSun Yoo, JiNa No, Van Phu Nguyen
Kyonggi University, Korea, South (Republic of)

Viral diseases in honeybee are very difficult to be identified. A novel micro PCR-based detection method, termed ultra-rapid real-time PCR (URRT-PCR), was applied to the development of a rapid detection for pathogenic virus in honeybee quantitatively, such as IAPV, BQCV. In the URRT PCR assays showed high sensitivities and accuracies in the both standard assays and infected bees. In the application of URRT PCR detection from infected honeybee, the detection time was only within 8 min, including melting temperature analysis, performing 35 cycled PCR. This novel detection method is one of the most rapid real-time PCR-based diagnostic tools and is expected to be applied to the development of a rapid detection for various pathogens.

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