A Molecular Assay With Laser-heated Nanoparticles

Lars Ullerich
GNA Biosolutions GmbH, Germany

GNA Biosolutions, a nanotechnology start-up based in Munich, Germany, develops assays and instruments for ultra-fast DNA detection, based on GNA’s optothermal NANOSTOVE technology.
Instead of fluorophores, GNA employs nanoparticles, functionalized with probe DNA sequences. The nanoparticles are heated locally by short laser pulses, leading to optically measurable de-hybridization events between nanoparticle probe and target sequences.
We have shown DNA-based pathogen detection from sample to results in less than 20 minutes with our current diagnostic test assays. GNA’s current pipeline encompasses a set of DNA assays for diverse pathogens. Conventional ‘fast’ methods for pathogen detection typically take at least 90 minutes, and most often rely on the infrastructure of central laboratories. NANOSTOVE technology will enable much faster, point of care detection of pathogens and antibiotic resistances.
Founders and managing directors of GNA are Dr. Joachim Stehr (head of research), Dr. Federico Bürsgens (finances and hardware development), and Dr. Lars Ullerich (biotechnology and business development). GNA Biosolutions is a spin-off from the Institute for Photonics and Optoelectronics at the University of Munich, and was founded in 2010.

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