The New LightCycler® 96 System: It Is So Easy To Be A Lab Hero

Ralf Peter Mauritz
Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Germany

The new LightCycler® 96 system is a benchtop instrument that can handle up to 96 samples using standard 96 multi well plates or 8-tube strips. A new optical module is developed that is based on 2x 96 glass fibres with 4 excitation and 4 emission filters. A white LED is used as light source and a CCD camera as detection unit. This setup supports the most common PCR formats used in the market like SYBR Green I and Hydrolysis Probes and thus enables the user to perform all common PCR applications.
The instrument can be operated by a PC or in a stand-alone configuration via a touch screen. Experiments can be handled either by USB stick, by LAN or by a connected PC / laptop. The software for run and analysis offers new workflows and features compared to other state-of-the-art PCR cycler software. While online monitoring of PC reactions is possible from any PC within a local network also Email notification including executed experiment data is supported by the new LightCycler® 96 System Software. All major analysis modules like Abs Quant, Rel Quant, Tm Calling, Endpoint Genotyping, Qualitative Detection and High Resolution Melting are provided. Full support of the new PCR standard guidelines is given by providing a RDML (Real-Time PCR Data Markup Language) compatible experiment file following the MIQE (Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments) rules.
Thus, the new LightCycler® 96 Real-Time PCR System delivers speed, reliability and accuracy combined with a new software solution that makes it easy to be a lab hero.
LightCycler® is a trademark of Roche.

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