New developments in NGS target enrichment

Götz Frommer
Sales Manager Genomics Germany, Agilent Technologies Diagnostics and Genomics Group, Germany

As Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) becomes more affordable and transitions to use in clinical research for mutation detection, it is essential for researchers to have an efficient end-to-end workflow, including target enrichment panel design, sample preparation, sample QC, sequencing, and data analysis. Agilent’s SureSelect and HaloPlex technology for target enrichment, SureDesign application for panel design, and SureCall application for data analysis combine with today’s desktop sequencers to make this workflow a reality.
SureSelect and HaloPlex are target enrichment systems ideally suited to deep sequencing of relatively small panels of genes up to whole exomes. The Agilent Target Enrichment System enables fast, simple, and efficient analysis of genomic regions of interest for a large number of samples, covering thousands of exons per sample and is compatibel with different desktop sequencing and high-throughput platforms.
SureDesign is a web-based design application for designing custom panels. With this tool, researchers can quickly generate high-coverage, high-efficiency designs for targeted re-sequencing.
SureCall is an easy-to-use desktop application combining best in class open source algorithms for end-to-end NGS data analysis from alignment to categorization of mutations.
Recent developments in sample QC with the 2100 Bioanalyzer and the 2200 Tapestation, the automation of the workflow based on the Bravo Liquid Handling System and various applications, such as RNA-Seq and Methyl-Seq will be presented.

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