Transforming NGS for clinical research and diagnostics

Erik Söderbäck
Market Development Manager, Qiagen, Germany

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is expected to increase its transformational impact on healthcare and diagnostics; however, current offerings do not meet the demands of the clinical environment. QIAGEN’s highly automated NGS workflow addresses these demands by offering a streamlined and standardized ecosystem built on components that include a fully automated nucleic acid purification and library preparation process, based on proven QIAcube technology; new GeneRead DNAseq Target Enrichment Gene Panels designed using our proprietary GeneGlobe collection of more than 60,000, fully annotated, molecular assays; a new instrument for automated preparation of sequencing template; and GeneReader, a new benchtop sequencer that embraces diagnostic workflow features and offers a high level of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. A dedicated QIAGEN software solution for powerful, yet user-friendly and automated result analysis, completes the new portfolio. The GeneReader features a turntable with up to 20 flow cells to process samples independently, and in parallel, with great efficiency. QIAGEN GeneGlobe provides easy access to pre-validated gene panels, as well as to custom gene content. The system is designed to offer random access and continuous load processing — key benefits in the clinical research and diagnostics segments, which are faced with higher sample throughput requirements.

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