Single-tube library prep solutions for high quality DNA sequencing

Yi Jin 1,2,*,Marissa Bolduc2, David Bays2, Shuhong Li2, Hongbo Liu2, David Schuster1,2
1 Quantabio, USA
2 QIAGEN Beverly, USA 

With wide adoption of NGS in research and healthcare, simple, rapid, and reliable solutions for high quality NGS library prepara- tion are in great demand as library preparation can greatly impact the sequencing results and overall sample to sequencing cost. To offer high-quality and streamlined library preparation solu- tionsfortheIllumina® platform,wehavedevelopedtwosolutions for different sequencing library preparations. The first solution combines DNA fragmentation and library preparation in a single tube. This provides easily tunable enzymatic fragmentation, end- repair and dA-tailing in a single step, followed by high efficiency adapter ligation in the same reaction tube without intervening purification steps. The novel chemistry and simplified workflow lead to DNA libraries with high complexity and even GC coverage uniformity. For sample types which do not require DNA fragmen- tation, our second library prep product provides a fast, single tube library preparation solution ensuring enhanced sensitivity and effi- ciency, while maximizing library yields with minimal hands-on time. Leveraging our innovative chemistries, world-class enzyme purity and rigorously controlled production and quality system, both single tube solutions offer unmatchable library prep results that address quality, speed, and throughput while remaining a cost- effective option.

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