Start Making Sense – NGS Data Analysis with Genomatix

Christian Zinser
Genomatix Software GmbH, Germany

The ongoing evolution of Next Generation Sequencing is revealing ever more of the complexity of genomes, gene expression, and gene regulation. To harness the considerable potential of this technology for creating biologically relevant information, data generation must be matched by analysis tools and strategies which integrate and consolidate the available lines of evidence into scientifically interpretable results.
This talk provides an overview of the solutions offered by Genomatix for the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data.
The presentation will focus on the following analysis methods:
Assessment of genomic variants; Expression and transcript fusion analysis; Examination of regulatory features: protein-DNA binding and DNA methylation; Data integration employing positional correlation, genome annotation, biological classification, regulatory pathways, and gene networks
Examples will include the application of the above to the study of cancer, the identification of the basis of hereditary diseases, and the elucidation of disease-relevant regulatory networks.

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